About Us

The inspiration for Tubies came to Brisbane-based founder James Tolson in 2014.

Growing up in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, James was a fair-skinned Aussie who burned easily but loved the beach and sport. He understands the frustration and discomfort of sunburn and the importance of sun protection!

James’ idea for Tubies came when attending an outdoor event in Canberra during the summer. The temperature soared, but James hadn’t applied sunscreen before leaving home. The cheapest sunscreen option available at the time was $25 for a one-litre bottle. Neither James nor his friends liked the idea of spending that much money on sunscreen, let alone cart a litre of sunscreen around with them!

James had a lightbulb moment

What if I could make sunscreen available so that people don’t have to choose to burn in the sun over spending money?